Hokkaido day 4

Checking out of the hotel, we set off to the Lavender park, which is also a skiing ground during the winterdsc_0001img_1263

we spent some time here taking photos  and we went to Furano Wine (Chateau Furano) to buy some wine.



Next we went to Rokkatei (六花亭) for some dessertdsc_0057dsc_0058dsc_0059dsc_0060It was raining cats and dogs so we chilled for quite some time there before heading to the grape juice factory, where it shows how grapes are grown, differentiated and harvested to make wine.dsc_0070dsc_0072dsc_0074dsc_0076dsc_0078

Before leaving the farm area we randomly went into a shop selling melons!dsc_0080img_1276

wow the melon is heavenly! Just looking at it is mouth-watering, we each took a slice and bite into it, juices runs down and we tasted refreshing sweetness. Soon we finished half of it and we packed the rest to go. We couldn’t resist the taste of it so we bought another melon. =)

We stopped by at Shimukappu Village (占冠村) for quick lunch and set off for Noboribetsu. It was cloudy the whole day with frequent small shower.dsc_0093

2hr 30minutes later we arrived at Noboribetsudsc_0136

check-in to the hotel and we set off to explore the areaimg_1288img_1289img_1291img_1298img_1304img_1308

We came to see the hell valley and went on the walking trailsimg_1312img_1316

Some after effect of typhoonimg_1334img_1335img_1340img_1350dsc_0149dsc_0155dsc_0162dsc_0170

Coming here, we had to visit the hot spring for a foot bath. The water had a temperature just right to allow your feet to relax with the help of stones and pebbles for blood circulation. After the foot bath, surprisingly my feet felt refresh and light. =)img_1392

continuing the trail


We came back to the start Noboribetsu Jigokudani (hell valley), by the time there was lesser crowd and we manage to took picture. Dinner time arrive, we headed back to the streets area to have dinner.


After the delicious dinner, we went back to our hotel to get change and visited the onsen.


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