Hokkaido day 2

After having breakfast that we bought from the convenience stall, we set off for Kogen onsen which is about a 2hr 30mins drive away. Some scenery seen when passing by towns.dsc_0169dsc_0170img_0689img_0695img_0700img_0704

Flowers are starting to bloom!img_0710

The highly anticipated Kogen onsen that we are heading to for hike which includes bear sightings is closed due to part of it being destroyed by the typhoon earlier on.

The notice remind hikers to beware of bears and to make noise so as to prevent the bears from approaching them img_0781

Although we didn’t manage to reach our destination, the surrounding nature make up for our disappointmentimg_0766img_0768img_0777DSC_0230.JPG

So off we go to our next destination (Daisetsuzan National Park Sounkyo Valley) to seethe famous Ginga waterfallDSC_0233.JPGdsc_0237dsc_0243dsc_0252dsc_0255dsc_0273dsc_0281

Seeing hiking trails, we decided to go on an impromptu hike 


We descend after an hour or so up as we were unsure how long is the trail and had lunchDSC_0323.JPG

After charging ourselves, we went to take the Sounkyo Kurodake Ropeway and chairlift up to hike Mt.Kurodake.  


We alighted from the ropeway (cable car) and proceed to where the chairlift is dsc_0376dsc_0379dsc_0384dsc_0394
It’s getting more foggy as we move forward

Our hike started 

Pretty and green leaves seen throughout

Rain started to get heavier and more foggy so we decided to u-turn back as view won’t be picturesque even if we were to head up to the submit img_0933img_0937img_0940img_0945img_0950

We settle for dinner at Senshoen扇松園, this place is a hotel with restaurant. Delicious food but a bit pricey.


Oyasumi nasai!

*Oyasumi nasai (おやすみなさい)means goodnight in Japanese

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