Hokkaido day 3

We were excited as we head to Biei to get a view of the blue pond. However, I guess we were unlucky, it was damage by the typhoon and the pond was closed since August 28. Construction was going on to restore it. Once again the beautiful surrounding scenery left us astonish, it wasn’t a wasted trip afterall.dsc_0458

Corn plantation


witness dragonfly mating

Next up, we headed to Chiyoda farm img_1011img_1014dsc_0512dsc_0518dsc_0553dsc_0570dsc_0574dsc_0580dsc_0593dsc_0609Passing by the 7-star trees and the Mother and Son tree.dsc_0633dsc_0639 Next we headed to  Kanno farm dsc_0688dsc_0697dsc_0699dsc_0751Blooming flowers filled the place with colours. It was gorgeous!

Tomita farm, they tried to have everything in lavender colour as lavender was their most popular and famous product. We had lavender ice-cream, it was super tasty.dsc_0795dsc_0797dsc_0821dsc_0828dsc_0840

We went to visit the cheese factory, pizza factory and ice cream factory thinking that it will be a big factory where we can see how cheese are being pump out from cows/sheeps/goats, being added with bacteria to make it curd and coagulate then drained to become cheese  plus how milk can be mixed with sugar and flavouring then freeze to become ice cream. It turns out to be a small one, we finish within an hour.dsc_0847dsc_0852dsc_0856dsc_0859dsc_0861dsc_0863

Lots of tasty treats dsc_0864

Sampling of cheese dsc_0865dsc_0867dsc_0876dsc_0878dsc_0881

Cheese ice cream, not too bad but i expected more cheesy tastedsc_0883


Next up we stop by Furano wine factory dsc_0904dsc_0907dsc_0908img_1179img_1180img_1181dsc_0917

Wine tastingdsc_0921

We bought this as it was sweeter than the previous one

We pass by a field of sunflowers, ‘wow’ the view was stunning, so we stopped for some photos.dsc_0934dsc_0961dsc_0967

As the sun set, we had dinner at Furano marcheimg_1247

We were famished and the food was delicious so we gobbled them up within minutes and forgot about the pictures.dsc_0994dsc_0995

We decided to call it a day and that ends our third day in Hokkaido.


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