Europe Family Trip (Day 2)

We headed out early for a quick breakfast at the Munchen Hauptbahnhof station, where there are a variety of shops which serves sandwiches, wraps, sausages, beverages, soups and some heavier meals like rice and noodles.

We bought day group tickets (up to 5 pax) for the whole day from the ticket machine at the  station. We had to purchased 2 types of tickets. The first ticket is from OEBB Website where we can sit directly from Munich to Mittenwald and Innsbruck directly. As for the other ticket we purchased it from DB Bahn as to travel back from Innsbruck to Munich. However there are also other alternative if you do not want to purchase it online as you are able to purchase both of this ticket at the ticket machine in Munich.


By the time we reach the platform, the train was already here and we were ready to board. A word of advice: check the trains destination labelled either on the screen or on the door. As some trains have detachable carriage that are going to different destinations. The trains themselves are informative for example the following map can be found on train’s table.


After around 2 hours of journey, we finally arrived at Mittenwald and we were awestruck by the stunning view that we were welcomed with.

IMG20151222115058 IMG20151222114129IMG20151222132130.jpg 20151222_125026.jpgIMG20151222130419

Isn’t Mittenwald lovely?

We then headed down to Innsbruck to check out the Christmas Markets as well as the well known Imperial and modern architecture.

IMG20151222154805 IMG_7730.JPG IMG_7727.JPG 20151222_163045.jpg IMG20151222163312.jpgDSC_0207.JPGIMG_7725.JPGIMG_7759.JPG

As we walked along the street, we watched some amazing street performances as well as taste some popular delicacies at the Christmas market. IMG_7767.JPG   IMG_7769.JPG

As the night falls, we decided to head backDSC_0254.JPGDSC_0251.JPG


For more pictures visit conqueringinprogress facebook page


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